Modern Microservice Catalog & Events Feed

Observe and manage the changes across your distributed infrastructure from one single location.


UI Layer for your Infrastructure

Stop digging through outdated documentation, dozens of dashboard tabs, and hundreds of slack messages to understand how your services and infrastructure works - especially at 3am.

Runbooks, documentation, dependencies, service owners, and everything else you need in one place.

Give every service its own home page, tooling links, and event feed.


Audit & Improve Service Quality

Enforcing best practices, migrations, and production-readiness across a sprawling microservice architecture is a herculean task. Ditch the spreadsheets - audit and improve your services' quality easily with kosmos.

Understand the reliability of the dependencies you take on

Create reports and manage service migrations across teams


Your Microservice Event Feed

Determine the state of your microservice with a glance. From kubernetes to github commits, we integrate with your tooling to surface any and all changes to your services.

Notifications from all of your infrastructure & tooling in one place

Track all changes to services and where, how, or who made them

ALRT #86024 on Search API: Product Search
Merge pull request #372 from john/development
Service created in namespace kube-system
Workflow did not succeed


Reduce service complexity across your engineering team.

Audit & Improve

Define production-readiness checks and ensure reliability across your infrastructure.

Organize Info

Make devs fully-fledged service owners. One source of truth that links into your infrastructure.

Resolve Incidents

Accelerate response and employee onboarding time. Up to date and reliable lookup.

Event Feed

Stop juggling 20 dashboards and tabs. View the recent events regarding your service state.

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